Offshore Construction Specialists (OCS)


    1. Onshore and Marine Construction Management.

    The onshore and marine construction management capability is what sets OCS apart from other independent engineering companies servicing the industry. All OCS key personnel joined the company after long careers with McDermott during a period where that company was the leading playing in the industry in Asia Pacific. The execution of hard money projects involving every facet of marine construction on a continual basis over many years has given our personnel experience that in the current market is very difficult to replicate. The training regime this provides to OCS younger personnel is invaluable and has led to a company culture where delivery of our services in accordance with customer requirements is of critical importance and where the OCS knowledge base enables new projects to be executed while keeping unnecessary mistakes to a minimum.

    This construction management experience has underpinned both our engineering group who provide a solid analysis base to our project teams and our strategic equipment group who execute niche subcontract work associated both with OCS marine construction projects and with stand alone projects managed by third parties.

    OCS always aims to fill the gaps that often exist between design engineering and operational constructability.

    2. Design and Construction Support Engineering

    OCS conducts all design and construction support engineering analyses in-house. Our engineering group has branch offices in both Singapore and Bangalore in India. The group is equipped with all the latest analysis software including Moses, Offpipe (static and dynamic), Orcaflex, Staad Pro, SACS, Caesar 2 and GRL WEAP. Typical analysis and design work performed by OCS :

    • Onshore Pipelines, Tank farms, receiving and exporting facilities.
    • Pipeline and riser design.
    • Transportation Analyses.
    • Engineered Lifts.
    • Jacket Launch Analyses
    • Pile Launch Analyses
    • Flexible flowline, Cable and Umbilical installation analyses.
    • Pipe pull analyses.
    • Pipelay analyses, Pipeline Davit and Single point lifts.
    • Pile Drivability analyses.
    • Heavy Lift and general rigging designs.
    • Pipe ramp and stinger designs
    • Jackets, Topsides, Subsea Template and Manifold designs

    3. Utility Construction Support Vessel

    OCS is constructing a shallow water utility construction support barge scheduled for delivery before the end of 2016. The vessel is equipment with spud piles and a below deck mooring system and is configured to conduct pipeline pre-trenching and post trenching and a wide variety of miscellaneous marine support activities. The vessel is 100% designed, owned and operated by OCS.
    Further details are included in a dedicated link on this website.

    4. Strategic Equipment Subcontracting.

    OCS maintains a suite of portable equipment together with a group of qualified technicians in the following peripheral service / subcontract areas of the marine construction sector which can be leveraged using our engineering expertise. OCS ensures all equipment assets are maintained to the highest standards and uses in-house construction management and engineering skill sets to make best use of the assets thereby creating a win-win situation for OCS and the customer.

    The equipment group is controlled by our construction management group.

    • OCS Utility barge as mentioned above
    • Pipeline Pre-commissioning (Flooding, Cleaning, Gauging, Hydrotesting, Dewatering, Drying and Nitrogen Packing)
    • Pipeline Pre and Post Trenching.
    • Flexible Flowline, Umbilical and Cable Lay and Burial.
    • Pile Remediation ( Jetting, Airlifting and Remedial Drilling)
    • Pipeline Free span Corrections.
    • Jacket Launching.
    • Mooring Installations.

    OCS has built up a considerable resume of completed projects in all the above discipline areas and can provide details on request.

    5. OCS Office Workshop and Specialized Equipment Packages

    OCS has purchased a office / workshop in the Pioneer district of Singapore which serves the following purposes :

    • Base for OCS Marine Construction Management and Engineering Personnel.
    • Equipment with machine shop to assist with maintenance and manufacturing.
    • Centre of maintenance for OCS equipment.
    • Used for design, procurement and fabrication of specialised equipment packages.

    The facility is continually being improved and upgrades in order to provide a better service for our customers.