Offshore Construction Specialists (OCS)


    OCS has extensive experience in all facets of jacket launching covering Engineering, planning, launch barge rig up, loadout and field launching.

    OCS assists Companies and Contractors to rig up flat top barges that may not have been originally designed with launching in mind. This bespoke engineering covers  barge selection, skidways, rocker arms,  launching winches and rigging.

    OCS will perform upfront engineering, procurement and fabrication as required, rig up the barge and provide an installation team to launch the jacket offshore.

    Some of the significant Jacket launches carried out by OCS are tabulated below

    No.ClientOperator ProjectJacket Descrip.Jacket Weight (mT)Launch Barge UsedYear Completed
    1Conoco Philips, AustraliaConoco Philips, AustraliaBayu UndanDPP9900Int 6502003
    2Conoco PhilipsConoco PhilipsBayu UndanCUP9400Int 6502003
    3TalismanTalisman PM3BR-E2350Int4032005
    5Conoco Philips, IndonesiaConoco Philips, IndonesiaKerisiCPP3700CBL-1022006
    7Conoco Philips, IndonesiaConoco Philips, IndonesiaNorth BelutCPP5700S452008
    8L&T/ SapuraONGCMHNMNP CPP13000S452011
    10L&TPTTEPZawtika (1A)WP17300SLB12012
    11L&TPTTEPZawtika (1A)WP17400H5422012
    12L&TPTTEPZawtika (1A)WP17800LBII2012
    13VSPLamson JOCThangLong DongDoTL WP1890VSP-052013
    14VSPLamson JOCThangLong DongDoDD WP1900VSP-052013
    15VSPVSPThien UngBKTNG6400Holmen Atlantic2015
    17COOECPTTEPZawtika (1B)WP46500HYSY2292015
    18COOECPTTEPZawtika (1B)WP55520HYSY2292016
    19COOECPTTEPZawtika (1B)WP66520HYSY2292016
    20COOECPTTEPZawtika (1B)WP77684HYSY2292016

    *The launches highlighted in grey are the projects that OCS personnel supervised in their previous roles with first tier contractors prior to the formation of OCS 10 years ago in 2007.  It can be seen that OCS has handled 12 jacket launches since formation of the company.

    OCS is equipped to handle large projects or discrete project elements depending on the specific needs of the customer. During the preparation for jacket launch or any offshore work the safety of personnel, equipment and environment plays a vital role in the success of a project and as such, HAZID’s shall be conducted prior to any operations. These meetings are attended by key engineers and supervisors and all potential risks are identified and mitigation measures put in place to ensure they are as low as reasonably practicable.

    Jacket launches: Pre-Qualification Document: Download