Offshore Construction Specialists (OCS)


    OCS provides personnel and equipment for pile remediation using ‘Jetting and Airlift’ and/or Drilling techniques. Drilling can be either ‘Pile top drilling’ or  ‘drilling off boom’.

    Principle equipment employed for Jetting and Airlifting:

    • Jetting / Airlifting String
    • Water winning and pressure pumps.
    • Air compressors
    • Miscellaneous hoses and fittings.
    • Jet String make up rack.
    • Access platform on the top of the pile.

    Principle equipment  for Drilling:

    • Drill String, Bottom hole assembly centralisers.
    • Power Swivel and Hydraulic power pack.
    • Drill string make up frames.
    • Access platform on top of the pile

    Air lift works on the below principle:

    The jetting/airlifting string is static during remedial operations. The system relies on high pressure water through nozzles located in the jetting head to break up the formation and an airlift to remove formation materials.

    OCS Air-Lift Spreads consists of the following:

    A. 40ft Open Top Container No. SAHU4957184 consists of:

    1. 10” Pipe Flanged strings (fitted with 2 x 2” Water Jet pipe &1 x 2” Compressed air line)

      • 40ft LG x 10” dia Jetting Head Section (Type 4)
      • 40ft LG x 10” dia Jetting Intermediate Section (Type 2)
      • 40ft LG x 10” dia Jetting Intermediate Section (Type 3)
      • 40ft LG x 10” dia Top Section (Type 1)
      • Lifting Cap for jetting and airlift string
      • Centralizers

    2. 2” dia x 500 psi Jetty Hose in 200 ft LG04 ea

    B. 20ft High Cube Container TAHU6000086 consists of:

    1. 1200 gpm - 250 psi Jet Pump ( OCS-SLD-001-0608)

    2. Centralizers

    3. Neoprene Rubber, 5mm WT x 508mm OD x 280mm ID

    4. Pipe sleeve, 2-1/2" dia x 5mm WT x 1000mm LG

    5. 6” dia to 2” dia Water Distribution Manifold

    6. 8” ANSI 150lb Foot Valve Cast Iron

    7. Misc Hose Assembly

    8. Venture System Device

    9. 8" dia to 6" dia reducer (#300 rating)

    10. 8” dia x 1ft LG pup piece

    11. Water Filled Pressure Gauge ( 500 PS)

    12. 6” dia x 1ft LG pup piece