Offshore Construction Specialists (OCS)


    OCS specialises in all pipeline pre-comissioning activities. Our equipment is managed and operated by people who come from the same background as the main marine contractor. We help the marine contractor plan the work such that the pre-commissioning has the least possible impact on operations. We are proactive in highlighting potential issues and ensuring both parties win. Our engineering capabilities are very sophisticated and significantly more advanced than our competitors.

    OCS has now completed a range of pre-commissioning projects for many different customers with great success. OCS has been certified by Nata for pipeline hydro testing since 2013. The OCS organisation as a whole has also been qualified to IS0 9001 since 2009.

    In 2014 the company purchased premises at 36 Kian Teck Road in the Pioneer district of Singapore and we have established it as a base for our engineering and subcontract activities. The workshop has a dedicated instrument room where all calibrated instruments are maintained and the workshop facilities ensure that OCS mechanical equipment can be well serviced and maintained to high standards. The engineering and construction management group works hand in hand with the pre-commissioning teams.

    Our in-house equipment spread has grown significantly and is described in detail in the Equipment section. OCS is equipped to handle the full range of pre-commissioning activities and we work with established and reputable intelligent pig suppliers to complement our service. We have established long term relationships with key Singapore and overseas vendors.

    We employ dedicated career inhouse technicians to operate and maintain our equipment and an equipment engineer to ensure our equipment is managed and maintained correctly. This enables OCS to prepare and mobilise efficiently for projects.

    Specific activities undertaken by OCS:

    1. Flooding, Cleaning and Gauging
    2. Calliper and Intelligent Pigging
    3. Hydrotesting
    4. Dewatering/ Swabbing
    5. Air Drying
    6. Vacuum Drying
    7. Nitrogen Purging
    8. Nitrogen Packing

    OCS provides a cradle to grave pipeline pre-commissioning services including complete engineering, procurement, fabrication and execution services. Our in-house inventory is extensive and our personnel are well trained.

    Pipeline Pre-commissioning Pre-Qualification Document: Download