Offshore Construction Specialists (OCS)


    OCS Clients have come from both the oil company and marine contracting side and include: ConocoPhillips, Star Petroleum, Hess Indonesia, Asia Petroleum Developments (Salamander), EMAS, Larsen & Toubro, SapuraAcergy, TLO SapuraCrest, Heerema, NorCe, Offshore Marine Contractors, Vietsovpetro (VSP), Timas Suplindo, Kangean Energy, Nippon Steel, Newfield Peninsula Malaysia, Franklin Offshore, M3 Energy, Sarku, Hako Offshore, Global Industries, Sea Drill, Origin Energy, McConnell Dowell, MRTS, Allseas and Leighton Australia.

    Up to the end of September 2016 OCS had completed the following projects of significance:

    • Pre-trenching, 5.0 km beachpull, post trenching and pre-commissioning of the Husky BD 16” pipeline as a subcontractor to PT Timas
    • Burial by post trenching of 35 km of the ENI 24”/4” Jangkrik piggy back pipeline as a subcontractor to Techip / PT Timas with burial TOP depths of 2.0 metres.
    • Burial by post trenching of theThai Binh 12” Pipeline in North Vietnam as a subcontract to Sapura Kencana.
    • Subsea sampling skid and coil tubing deployment specialized equipment packages for Baker Hughes.
    • Construction management on behalf of PT Timas for the raising of the Lima Complex offshore Jakarta in the Java Sea. Four (4) platforms were raised in a single jacking operation.
    • In conjunction with the raising of the Lima complex working in conjunction with PT Timas OCS performed Project and Construction management on behalf of PT Timas for gas pipeline diversion works around the Lima complex to ensure continuity of gas supply. The 4 month fast track project involved the installation of 14" and 20" subsea pipelines, 9 subsea hot taps, 3 x manifold / valve skids and all related subsea tie-ins. The complex operation involved use of the Derrick Pipelay barge DLB 01 and two DSV's.
    • Construction management on the PHE UL platform and pipeline installation working with PT Timas.
    • Project and Construction management on the Petronas Ketapang field development working with PT Timas.
    • Completion of Engineering and Project Management for the PTTEP Zawtika Wellhead platform and infield pipeline project for PTTEP in Burma subcontracting to Larson and Toubro. Project has involved 3 wellhead platforms with launch jackets from 7000 to 9000 tonnes, single piece 84" piles 143.5 metres in length weighing over 450 tonnes and two 18" infield pipelines in water depths from 130 to 160 metres. The DLB LTS 3000 was the major work barge employed on the project.
    • Completion of Pipeline Post Burial for the Chevron Domestic Gas Pipeline from Barrow Island to the Australian mainland subcontracting to Clough Sea Trucks JV. OCS provided the jet sled, pumps, operating crew and the full suite of support equipment to operate the equipment operating off the Java Constructor and the Kalinda pipelay vessels.
    • Completion of engineering and project supervision for a twin 42" pipeline pull from the Queensland mainland in Australia to Curtis Island for QCLNG and APLNG. The dual pipe string 3.9 km in length and weighing approximately 15,000 tonnes was laid out on rails. 3,500 tonnes of buoyancy along with a 450 ton linear pull winch and 3,300 metres of 3.5" wire rope were employed on the Pipepull. OCS was subcontracted by the main Contractor MCJV.
    • Continuation of Lift Engineering and mooring studies for the DLB Norce Endeavour for heavy lifts associated with the installation of the Gorgon LNG jetty on Barrow Island off Western Australia. OCS was subcontracted by Solstad Offshore.

    General OCS skill sets include:

    • Constructability studies and field development options
    • Offshore installation engineering, planning and management
    • Tender preparation and technical contract reviews and/or negotiations


    • Installation of sub-structures and topsides
    • Installation of subsea structures and pipelines
    • Strategic subcontracts for marine construction including Utility barge operations.