Offshore Construction Specialists (OCS)

    Allseas Construction Contractors S.A contracted OCS for perform grillage and seafastening design for the transportation of the PLEMs and PLETs for their Gorgon Jansz Offshore Pipelay project.

    The work scope comprises of:

    Sea Fastening DesignTransport ScopeConfigurationNumber of Load Outs
    14 S-mode PLET's4 PLET'S on-board PSV, upright postion1
    220 J-mode PLET's5 structures to be placed horizontal on-board PSV
    36 Lay-in PLET's2 structures to be placed horizontal on-board PSV3
    412 APS Structures4 structures to be placed in upright position on-board PSVTBA

    Example of the layour on transport vessel: