Offshore Construction Specialists (OCS)

    OCS was commissioned by the main contractor PT Timas to perform the construction engineering, equipment preparation and execution supervision for the installation of a 42 km 14” gas export pipeline from the Kambuna platform offshore North Sumatera to a landfall Northeast of Medan.:

    Salient features of the project included.

    • 5 km beach approach.
    • Duplex line pipe in the platform approach area.
    • Pre and Post trenching of 13 km of the pipeline to a cover of 2 metres.
    • Pre-commissioning of pipeline.
    • Topsides installation and Hook up.

    Starting with basically a clean sheet OCS designed and supervised the rig up and the operation of the following construction spreads.

    • Pre-trenching spud barge outfitted with Caterpillar 375 excavators which completed 5.0 kilometres of trenching, beach pull support, onshore tie-in and backfilling in duration of 90 days.
    • Shallow water pipelay barge PL1 which had a peak layrate of 151 joints per day and an average of 110 with a spread cost under 100,000 per day.
    • Pull barge rigged with linear winch and 5000 metres of 2.5” cable for a 5 km beach pull from the PL1.
    • Trenching equipment for 8.5 kms of post burial work.
    • Deck installation and hook up equipment.

    The job was a technical and financial success for both contractor and client. Client references can be provided on request.