Offshore Construction Specialists (OCS)

    M3nergy JDA Sdn Bhd (M3nergy) awarded Franklin Offshore International Pte Ltd (FOI) the contract for the transport and offshore installation of the Puteri Songkhla FSO with its mooring and flexible riser. FOI engaged OCS to provide field engineering and construction engineering for the following work scope:

    • Installation of pile anchors, mooring chains including pre-tensioning of mooring lines.
    • The external turret mooring system consists of a 6x1 mooring chain configuration.
    • Hook-up of mooring chains to the FSO.
    • Installation and hook-up of riser to the FSO including leak test.
    • The leak test of the flexible riser was performed by OCS.
    • The installation vessel used was the Smit Borneo.