Offshore Construction Specialists (OCS)

    OCS was contracted by NorCE Offshore to perform installation engineering with respect to the installation of 6 modules for main contractor Punj Lloyd for PTTEP onto the existing PRP platform, in Erawan Field in the Gulf of Thailand. The 6 modules are 3 Air Cooler Module and 3 Gas Turbine Compressor Modules each weighs an average of 500-750mT. OCS work scope comprises of:-

    Installation Engineering :

    • Conceptualise Guide and bumpers layout
    • Final Design Guide and Bumpers
    • Rigging design and selection
    • Mooring analysis
    • Installation Procedure preparation

    Field Engineering:

    • Load out coordination
    • Site coordination during offshore execution

    NorCE Offshore was subcontracted by PunjLloyd as heavy lift vessel provider.

    All lifts were completed on 24th August 2011.