Offshore Construction Specialists (OCS)

    Working with EOCP, OCS provided the installation management, engineering and planning for Bua-Ban & Songkhla Field Development. The scope of work for installation involves a wellhead platform (SWHP) and process platform (SPP) at Bua Ban, 6” x 4km concrete coated subsea pipeline from Songhkla “A” to Songkhla “B” (water depth 24m) and two subsea PLEM at each end of the laid pipeline. All installation works were carried out using EOCP construction barge “Lewek Champion”.

    • Detailed installation engineering for installation of two jackets & two topsides (SWHP & SPP platform), 1 no. x 6” x 4km subsea pipeline, 2 nos. Subsea PLEMS and subsea tie-ins
    • Interfacing with Client and its Subcontractors
    • Install two sub-surface four-legged interconnecting platform (wellhead platform/SWHP and process platform/SPP)
    • SWHP & SPP Topsides installation
    • Engineering & installation of 36” piles with Lynx connector with no offshore welding works on main piles
    • Installation of two 6” risers
    • Installation of miscellaneous structures (skid beam, ITS skid, flare boom & bridges)